Tune in.

It’s free! But I might start charging some day.

Who are you?

I’m Alex. I’m a journalist who has been covering finance and markets for a decade, and the experience has made me a leftist.

My identity is not a secret, but I do want to keep this newsletter separate from my day job. So I’ll be writing under my mother’s maiden name, Jacquot, to confuse the all-seeing search engine gods.

Needless to say, I will not be writing heavy-duty finance news here. I’m planning to cover a little bit of everything, but I do hope to write stuff like this every now and then.

Please participate.

I write for readers. Ideally subscribers will drive the contents of RIAS at least as much as I do, unless you are a finance PR person who wants to read things about your client, in which case I can’t help you.

I’ll leave comments open and try to respond as often as I can.


Alexandra Scaggs
ex-FT Alphaville. Send tips, ideas & gripes to alexandra[dot]scaggs[at]gmail[dot]com